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An introduction to aromatherapy essential oils - What is an essential oil and what are the benefits of using aromatherapy oils?


Aromatherapy essential oils are literally the essence of a plant, in liquid form, that has been captured through distillation.  An essential oil can be extracted from different parts of a plant, from the flowers, leaves and stems to the roots or bark.  Pure aromatic essential oils are completely natural and should not contain any manmade chemicals.  However, because aromatherapy oils are so concentrated they are very powerful and should always be used sparingly with due caution.  Aromatherapists use fragrant essential oils to promote psychological, physical and spiritual well being, and the use of aroma in treating ailments and emotional conditions has a long, interesting history.

Using essential oil can have many benefits

The use of essential oil in aromatherapy can have all kinds of therapeutic effects.  Aromatherapy essential oils begin to work when their aroma molecules are absorbed into the body, either by being inhaled into the lungs or be being absorbed through the skin.  The natural chemical constituents of aromatic oils somehow send messages to stimulate the brain into producing a reaction, whether this is mental or physical.  Different cultures have been using aromatherapy oils for hundreds of years.  The fast paced, busy lifestyles that many of us tend to lead these days has seen a renewed interest in the use of aromatherapy oil to improve mood and relieve the symptoms of stress.  Lavender oil is well known for it's relaxing properties, tea tree oil has numerous healing qualities, and citronella is used the world over as a natural insect repellent.

Aromatherapy oils can be used in many ways

One of the most common ways to use aromatherapy oils at home is to use a diffuser to evaporate the oil and release the wonderful fragrance into a room.  Aromatherapy diffusers or oil burners usually work by placing a heat source, such as a candle, beneath a bowl of water into which a few drops of essential oil have been added.  Aromatherapy essential oils can also be added to bath water for an invigorating, uplifting or calming experience.  Aromatherapy massage oils can be created be diluting droplets of oil in a carrier oil, which enable oils to be safely applied to the skin.  Scented aromatherapy candles can be made from oils, as can spritzers to use as air fresheners.  This site aims to inform and inspire others about the many benefits of aromatic plant essences.