These can be given as a gift with specially blended oils. Many aromatherapists buy supplies of wholesale essential oils online and create their own unique products to sell on. The internet can be a great place to high quality discount aromatherapy supplies. Aromatherapy supplies are widely available from many companies these days, and can be bought from health food shops, via mail order or on the internet. It’s crucial for aromatherapy products to be high quality and completely natural for them to have maximum therapeutic benefits. When looking for pure essential oils online it’s advisable to choose a reputable supplier that can provide information about the sources of its oils, to ensure purity and quality. Essential oil suppliers should be knowledgeable about the country of origin and method of extraction of each aromatic oil, as well as its uses.

Aromatherapists caution consumers to be wary of misleading labels on cheap perfume or fragrance oils, which are either made entirely from synthetic chemicals or blends of artificial chemicals and essential oils. These products are likely to have little or no therapeutic effect. Good quality essential oils online should be supplied in dark glass bottles, to prevent light from damaging the aroma molecules, which will reduce the effectiveness of an oil. Aromatherapists would not recommend buying essential oil aromatherapy products in plastic bottles or with rubber droppers, because plant essences are so concentrated they can cause plastic to dissolve, thus contaminating the oil.

As well as being wary of very cheap aromatherapy supplies, that may not be the best quality, caution is advised if an essential oil supplier is selling all their aromatic plant oils at the same price. Aromatherapists know that oils from certain flowers, such as jasmine or rose oil, are harder to extract and expect them to be sold at higher prices. Citrus oils, in contrast, tend to be less expensive.