Massage Oils

Sunflower, rose hip, and apricot seed oil are among some of the other choices. Good suppliers of aromatherapy products online should offer a wide range of carrier oils. Organic essential oils are extracted from plants that have been specially grown without the use of pesticides. Many aromatherapists favor organic aromatherapy essential oils because they consider them even purer than non-organic oils, which some believe can contain tiny traces of pesticide residues. Organic pure essential oil prices tend to be more expensive than oils from conventionally grown plants, but many people think the aroma is more potent and the therapeutic benefits greater. Consumers should be wary of very cheap so-called aromatherapy massage oils, as they may be made with synthetic perfumed fragrances that may smell nice, but won’t have any therapeutic effects.

If looking for organic aromatherapy oils taken from organically farmed plants, it’s advisable to buy from a reputable supplier. Pure essential oil should be labeled as such, and it’s natural purity should be unadulterated with any manmade chemicals. True organic essential oils should be certified by a regulatory body that monitors organically produced products to ensure they meet organic standards. Evidence of this should be clearly displayed as a symbol or label on the bottle. Good aromatherapy suppliers should be happy to be open about the sources of their oils and the methods of farming used.

Pure essential oil can be used to improve psychological and physical well being, with the fragrant aromas having a healing effect on the mind and body. Some aromatherapists choose organic essential oils not just for their quality and purity, but because organic farming methods are more sustainable, causing less pollution from artificial sprays and creating less waste. Organic aromatherapy oils, whether used in a diffuser or candle, in a soothing bath, or blended with organic carrier oils for a massage, can be wonderful natural remedies. Purely organic oils can be a great choice for their powerful aromatic properties, and can be better for the environment too. There are some excellent stores selling aromatherapy supplies organically pure essential oils online.